Updating Content

For many administrative offices, updating the Web site is a task that happens only once a year, and typically when there is nothing else to do! Updating content shouldn't be a painful experience! In fact, updating content should be a daily (sometimes hourly) task that leads to immediate and measurable success.

Recognize Cycles

Does the same application procedure happen every November year in and year out? I can show you how to identify and leverage mini-cycles within your office. Updating content shouldn't feel laborious.

Re-architect Information

In addition to providing correct information, updating content should be viewed as an opportunity to rework inefficient or outdated systems.

Write for the Web

Administrators often think that not having enough content is the problem. Their instinct is to write more, explain more, describe more... Generating content is not the problem. I can explain how repackaging your existing content is a better solution.




A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability